Jeb And Ebb
Posted On: 2009-01-23

No campfire is complete without the two Hillbillies, Jeb and Ebb. Barefoot, jeans and
plaid shirt, droopy hats and a bit of wheat or straw sticking out here and there.

EBB:            Where ye been, Jeb? I ain’t seen you in four years.

JEB:            I been off to college learnin’ ’bout spellin’ and history and triggernometry and such.
                What have you been up to?

EBB:            I opened a pet store back home. Yes sir, you’ll have to come and see me sometime
                standin’ there amongst my dumb animals.

JEB:            Well, make sure you’re wearin’ a hat so’s I’ll recognize you Ebb.

EBB:            Why look, there’s a bunch of cows over there, Jeb.

JEB:            Not a bunch, Ebb, a herd.

EBB:            Heard of what, Jeb.

JEB:            Of cows, Ebb.

EBB:            Of course I’ve heard of cows, Jeb.

JEB:            No, Ebb, I mean a cow herd.

EBB:            I don’t care iffen he did hear us, Jeb. We was just talkin’.



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