Alaska Of Old
Posted On: 2019-03-12


This ceremony can be modified to use any number of Cubs, depending upon the size of the den. Have each boy write one or more of the terms listed below on a poster and explain what they mean.

NARRATOR: This month we have studied about Alaska of old and would like to share with you some of the commonly used words and their meanings:

CHEECHAKO is the term used for a "tenderfoot", a newcomer to Alaska.

DUST means fine gold

HUSKY was, of course a sled dog, vital to inhabitants of this state.

IGL00 - an Eskimo dwelling

KAYAK was a single passenger skin boat

MALEMUTE is also a sled dog. Many of them are now found in many other states

MUCKAMUCK means food

MUKLUK - is a fur boot, very comfortable, indeed

MUSH - means "Get on!" It is a command to a dog team

OUTSIDE - means outside of Alaska (Back in those days, it meant the U.S.)

PANHANDLE - was the southeastern part of Alaska

POKE - was a moose hide bag for holding gold dust

POTLATCH - was a community festival

SKOOKUM-HOUSE - was a jail

SOLMOUGH - was an oldtimer, a veteran




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