Three Rivers
Posted On: 2009-01-23

Scene: Two prospectors meet. First prospector has camp set up and good cooking. Dog is sitting beside him. (Boy on all fours is dog.) Second prospector comes in pulling mule named Sunshine. (Two boys covered with blanket are mule.) Props: Pick, pan, No. 10 cans for cooking, two beat-up hats, mask for dog (if desired) and blanket for mule. Prospector 1: Howdy! Prospector 2: Howdy! Prospector 1: Any luck? Prospector 2: Nope! Prospector 1: Come fur? Prospector 2: Quite a job. Prospector 1: Et lately? Prospector 2: This mornin. Prospector 1: Hungry? Prospector 2: Yep. Prospector 1: Join me? Prospector 2: Don't mind iffen I do. Prospector 1: Have a plate. Prospector 2: (Holds up plate and looks at it) Don't want to seem to be pickyunish, but ain't this plate a mite dirty here in the corner? Prospector 1: (Looks scornfully at him) Well now, it all depends on how you look at it. But I'll tell you one thing for sure. It's as clean as Three Rivers can get it. Prospector 2: (Shakes his head looking at plate) Clean as Three Rivers can get it? (Mule brays a loud "hee-haw") Prospector 2: Shut your mouth, Sunshine. You heard what the man said. (1st prospector dishes out stew and they eat.) Prospector 2: Mighty good vittles. Prospector 1: Thanks pardner. Mind handin' me the plates so we kin clean em up? (2nd prospector hands him the plates) Prospector 1: (Puts plates on floor and calls loudly over his shoulder) Here Three Rivers. Here Three Rivers. (Dog comes up and starts licking plates.)


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