Castor Oil
Posted On: 2022-01-06


SETTING:        A 1950’s drug store

YOUNG MAN: Is it possible to disguise the taste of castor oil?

DRUGGIST:       Certainly young man.

YOUNG MAN: It’s such horrible stuff to take. Yuck!!!

DRUGGIST:       It certainly is.

PATRON:         (Enters Drug Store)
                Chocolate soda, please.

DRUGGIST:       Would you like one, too, young man?

YOUNG MAN: Oh yes. I’d like one very much.
(Druggist makes up 2 sodas and gives them to the Patron and the Young Man.)
YOUNG MAN: (finishing his soda)
                My that was good! Now tell me about disguising castor oil, sir.

DRUGGIST:       Aha my dear young man. I gave you some castor oil in that soda and you didn’t even

YOUNG MAN: But good heavens sir, I wanted it for my brother!!!