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The Yellow Cadillac

CAST:            2 HUNTERS

SETTING:         The Guide is laying on his side with his ear to the ground. Hunters enter.

1ST HUNTER: What’s with this lazy good for nothing guide? We’re paying him good money to help
                 us hunt and he’s laying down! Where did you get this guy? He’s a complete idiot! He’s
                 laying in the middle of the road!

2ND HUNTER: Relax. One of my buddies said he was really good. He’s probably listening for wild

(Hunters walk over to Guide.)

2ND HUNTER: “Well, what is it?”

GUIDE:           (Without moving)
                 Two men in a yellow Cadillac. The grille is missing and it has a broken headlight. The
                 paint is scraped on the right fender. The driver is wearing a green coat and a cowboy hat.
                 The other guy is wearing a brown coat and a stocking cap.”

2ND HUNTER: (To 1st Hunter)
                 See … I told you he was good!!!”

1ST HUNTER: Amazing!!! You mean you can tell all that from just listening to the ground?”

GUIDE:           “No. It just ran over me.”

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