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Treasures Beneath The Sea (Puppet Skit)

SONG:           The song is sung to the tune of ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ in the Cub Scout Song Book.

STAGE:          For this puppet skit, use a large box for your stage. Paint the back of the box to look like an underwater scene.

PUPPET CAST:            2 or more OYSTERS
                CHARLIE TUNA
                The oysters are paper plates folded in half and then painted or covered
                with construction paper. Charlie Tuna is a stick puppet.

SONG:           (Done by all oysters.)
                It’s tough to be an oyster
                that’s why I’m in such a stew.
                But I’d rather be an oyster
                than a person like you.

(A cardboard tire comes down and hits one of the oysters in the head)

1ST OYSTER:             (Looks up)
                Hey you people cut that out.

(Down comes a beer can right into his mouth. He looks at audience and shakes it out.)

CHARLIE TUNA: (Moves quickly across the front of the stage.)
                Hey Star-Kist, wait for me.

(A cardboard boot falls.)

2ND OYSTER:             Wow, that really shook up my pearl. I hope his foot freezes.
(More things fall down.)

1ST OYSTER:             They say pollution is a people problem, but they should live down here.

CHARLIE TUNA: (Moves quickly across the front of the stage.)
                Hey Star-Kist, you forgot me.

(As song is sung more litter can fall on the puppets.)

OYSTERS:        (Together)
                Please help us - don’t pollute.

You can use more than 2 oyster puppets if you want. The boy who is dropping the litter
should stand behind the stage and lower the litter over the top. Lower pieces of litter on a
string slowly to give the effect of moving through the water.

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