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Bob Cat's Big Catch

body len: 3384

      BOB CAT,

COSTUMES:         Assorted Indian Costumes: headbands, vests, breech cloths, etc.

PROPS:            Drum for Gray Squirrel.
                  Small bow and arrow for Bob Cat to carry

SETTING:          A clearing in the forest. As scene opens, all but Bob Cat and Chief Akela are seated in a
                  Semi-circle facing audience. Gray Squirrel is slowly beating drum.

                  This big day in Bob Cat’s life;
                  Make-um Brave, if good with knife.

SMALL BEAR: In our tribe he will belong -
                  If nothing in forest go-um wrong.

LITTLE WOLF:Hope he catch-um heap big prey
                  Make Chief Akela happy today.

GRAY SQUIRREL: (stops drum - cups hand to ear)
                  Hark, my brothers - sound I hear -
                  Think brother Bob Cat must be near!

(Off stage, continuous loud sneezing is heard. This goes on and off for rest of skit.)
(Enter Bob Cat and Chief Akela, Chief Akela holds Bob Cat by the back of the vest. Bob Cat continues to
sneeze. In his hand he carries small bow and arrow.)

RUNNING DEER: Brother Bob Cat, what you fetch?
                  We wait-um here to see big catch.

CHIEF AKELA: Bob Cat head for father’s teepee
                  Hunt has made him tired and sleepy
                  Have to hunt where buffalo play
                  Another time - another day.

SMALL BEAR: But Chief Akela - where is catch
                  That brother Bob Cat went to fetch?

CHIEF AKELA: Brother Bob Cat plenty bold -
                  Him wad-um creek and catch-um cold!

(Chief gently pushes Bob Cat off stage. All seated braves laugh, then quickly clap hands to mouths and
refold arms. Gray Squirrel starts to beat drum as curtain closes.)

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