Travel Horizons
Posted On: 2022-01-04

In this narrated skit, five boys pantomime and carry props representing different kinds of
travel. Props may be made from cardboard. As each paragraph is read, the appropriate
prop is displayed and moved across stage. At closing, all props are brought back and
placed together as final paragraph is read, by all boys together. Costuming would add
interest, but is not necessary.


Here’s a fact that we should all face,
A trait of the whole human race,
To long to be Free, to travel and see
New horizons at each interesting place.

When you go on a trip, you’ll need to decide,
On which method of travel that you will ride,
But one thing we’re sure, that you will endure,
And your horizons will grow very wide.

A man who was rather a dreamer,
Always traveled around on a steamer;
When he took a trip, he went only by ship,
It suited his courtly demeanor.

For this ride you may have a knack,
Which unfortunately, most of us lack,
Back and forth you will sway, as you ride on your way,
Seated high on an elephant’s back.

There once was a man, so we’re told,
Who had to pass through snow and cold,
When all else did fail, he took a sled with a sail,
And his trip was a joy to behold.

In blizzards or wintry gales,
going this way almost never fails,
In sunshine or rain, depend on a train,
Chugging merrily over the rails.

Before planes or trips to the moon,
Some travelers took a balloon,
They all waved good-bye, as they rose in the sky,
But they came back that same afternoon.







(Boy enters with
cardboard streamer and
carries it across stage)

(Boy enters in elephant
costume, or with
cardboard elephant and
sways across the stage)

(Boy enters with sled
which has sail on it, and
moves it across stage)

(Boy enters with
cardboard train and chugs
a cross stage)

(Boy enters with card
board balloon - large and
carries it across stage)

All: Now folks if we’ve set you on fire,
     And new horizons are your burning desire,
     With no more delay, step right up and say,
     Which vehicle you want to hire.