Out Where Men Are Men
Posted On: 2009-01-23

Assign the following characters to different groups, then read or tell the story. As each
character is mentioned, the proper group rises, makes the appropriate sounds and sits

CHARACTERS:COWBOY                     raises right fist and shouts “Yippee”
                   HORSE clap hands on knees
                   CHIEF RED JACKET             taps palms on lips, says “Ki Yill”
                             then puts hands over brow and peers all around.
                   MULE “Hee Haw!”
                   RATTLESNAKE                  “Rattle, Rattle!”
                   TIMBER WOLFwolf whistle
                   SHERIFF            “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
                   DEPUTY SHERIFF               “He went that away!”
                             (points with both hands in different directions)

NARRATOR:          Once upon a time, there was a COWBOY who went out on the Mojave Desert riding his
                   Far off in the distance he could hear the TIMBER WOLF. The COWBOY made camp
                   and went fast asleep, after making sure his HORSE was secure.
                   Now, creeping along through the desert came CHIEF RED JACKET and his MULE,
                   Sitting Bull. He was pursued by the SHERIFF and the DEPUTY SHERIFF.
                   In his pocket, CHIEF RED JACKET had a trained RATTLESNAKE whose name was
                   Emma. The RATTLESNAKE, Emma, was trained to creep up and bite the COWBOY
                   and his HORSE.
                   While CHIEF RED JACKET crept up, the HORSE was afraid, the TIMBER WOLF
                   howled, the COWBOY snored and Sitting Bull, the MULE, was eating cactus.
                   In the meantime, the SHERIFF and the DEPUTY SHERIFF were almost ready to
                   capture CHIEF RED JACKET.
                   Just as Emma, the RATTLESNAKE, was about to bite the COWBOY and his HORSE,
                   the SHERIFF and the DEPUTY SHERIFF sprang their trap. “Halt! You are all my
                   prisoners,” shouted the SHERIFF.
                  The COWBOY woke up and mounted his HORSE. This frightened the TIMBER
                   WOLF and also Emma, the RATTLESNAKE.
                   Away went old CHIEF RED JACKET on his faithful MULE, Sitting Bull; and away in
                   pursuit went the SHERIFF and the DEPUTY SHERIFF, the COWBOY and his
                   But old CHIEF RED JACKET led them into a blind canyon, so that was the last time
                   anybody ever saw the COWBOY; his HORSE; Emma, the RATTLESNAKE; the
                   TIMBER WOLF; Sitting Bull, the MULE; the SHERIFF; and the DEPUTY

That’s all folks!!!!

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