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The Outlaw

I was recently on staff at Camp Birch of the 95' staff, and this was the most popular of them all we did.
This is set in the western era in the 1800's. Characters:
An Out Law, Partner, swinging doors(that squeak when opened), One person
playing Wife of the Out Law, the Son of the Out Law, Camera person, Very Outgoing
Director with German accent.
Director: Pleses(Places), Pleses, everybody. Now do we haave thees down?(Be creative)
(Every one nods)
Director: Aaalrright aand aaction.
Out Law: Say there pardner, got a match.
Pardner: Yep.
Out Law: Can I have it.
Pardner: Nope.
Out Law: I think I'm gonna take it, what are YOU gonna do about it.
Pardner: I'ma gonna shootcha. (quickly pulls out gun and fires)
Out Law: (Falls to ground)
Son: Daddy, daddy. (Huddling over Out Law)
Wife: OH! MY POOR HUSBAND!(Huddling over Out Law)
Director: (in a perturbed and angry voice) Cuuuuuuuuuuut! Thaat was terrible, were do we get these
aactors. Let's do it again, do eet slowwwwer / faaster / like an opra.(CHANGE WORDING AROUND
EACH TIME, it will sound repetitive if you don't)
(look of question in faces)
(repeat slower)
(repeat really fast)
(repeat like opra)
The End
This skit is hilarious, you can have fun doing it and adding your own episodes onto it.

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