The Fortune Teller
Posted On: 2021-12-30

This is a campfire skit. You can plan it carefully if you want. If you have a good spontaneous actor, he might be able to ad-lib responses to each object presented to him, without advance planning. The Announcer should always tell the audience what object is given to the Fortune Teller because they usually will not be able to see clearly.

The Skit
A small tent is set up, with an old lady sitting in front of it. This can be a Scout wrapped up in a blanket, who speaks with an old lady's voice. An Announcer introduces her as a very accurate teller of fortunes who can predict a person's future by touching anything belonging to the person.

The Announcer calls up a series of Scouts. He asks the first Scout what he has brought, and the Scout produces a pencil. The Announcer hands the pencil to the Fortune Teller and asks her to tell the future of the owner. The Fortune Teller waves her hands and mumbles some words and then predicts that the owner will become a writer.

The scene is repeated. A Scout produces a comb from his pocket, and the Fortune Teller predicts that he will become a hairdresser. A third Scout has a dollar, and she predicts that he will become a successful banker.

After several of these, the Scapegoat is summoned from the audience. The announcer asks what he has to show the Fortune Teller. No matter what the Scapegoat suggests, the Announcer says it is not good enough. Either it has been done before, or it is too easy, or "That's no fun!", or any other reason.

Finally, the Announcer suggests that the Scapegoat try his shoe, and makes him take it off.
The shoe is handed to the Fortuneteller, who repeats her mumbo jumbo. (If the Fortune Teller is a good pantomime, this is a wonderful opportunity to make faces, hold her nose, etc.) She then announces,

"You will take a long walk in the woods!"

She throws the shoe far into the woods.



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