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The Flea Circus

Characters: Ringmaster, Cub Scouts in Uniform (any number).

RINGMASTER: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the Den _____ Flea Circus. We will now present Hugo, who will walk the tightrope. When he reaches the center, he will turn a double somersault. May we have silence, please?

[Two Cubs stretch a string. Third Cub places "flea" on the string. Cubs follow movement of flea with exaggerated head movements, as it walks to the center of the string, and turns the somersault. One boy with his mouth open gets too close to the string and gulps as if he had swallowed a "flea".)

FIRST CUB: [Puts hand over mouth, gulps loudly.] I swallowed Hugo! [Begins to cry and leaves stage.]

RINGMASTER: Err…uh…well… On with the show. Our next act is about to begin. Homer will jump from this boy's hand into a dish of water. Keep in mind the size of this tiny fellow.

[Boy makes motion of tossing "flea" into dish, then retrieves him in hand.]

RINGMASTER: Well done, Homer. Give the little guy a big hand.

[Boy claps quickly, forgetting Homer…looks shocked, and slowly parts hands, sobs and runs off stage.

RINGMASTER: Too bad. But we must compose ourselves. Our next fabulous act features Hector, the weight lifting Flea. Hector is the strongest flea in the world. That rock may not seem large to you, but think of how small Hector is… compare his size to the size of this rock.

[Boy puts Hector on table, proudly points to him, flexes muscles, and points to Hector again.]

RINGMASTER: [To boy] Hold up that rock so the audience can get a better look at it.

[Boy holds up rock in one hand for audience to see… then plops rock back down on table without looking. Looks around for Hector, picks up rock and finds smashed Hector.]

BOY: Hector! Hector! [Sobs, hangs head, and leaves stage.]

RINGMASTER: We seem to be having a bit of hard luck. But the show must go on. I now introduce Harry, the bare-back riding flea.

[Boy removes shirt, then pretends to place "flea" on his bare back, then runs off stage yelling.]

BOY: Hang on, Harry! [Looks over shoulder while running offstage.]

RINGMASTER: [Relieved.] He made it! And now Hiram and Hillary will perform their world famous trapeze act. Hillary will make a triple somersault and Hiram will catch her.

[Boys hold up trapeze made of soda straws with a string through them. Two boys each hold one. Third boy places "flea" on trapeze and begin to swing it.]

RINGMASTER: There they go! Watch them swing! Hillary lets go, she's turning a somersault. One, two, three, and Hiram catch.. Er.. Misses her!

[Boys begin looking for Hillary on the floor.]

BOY: There she is! Points to floor near second boy.]

SECOND BOY: Where? [Takes a step where other boy pointed.]

BOY: You just stepped on her! Oh well, she needed more practice, anyway. Say, [to Ringmaster] we have another flea act for you. He's a man eating flea! [Opens box] Oops, he got away!

[Ringmaster begins to scratch frantically, yells help several times, and runs off stage. (Preferably into audience. ;) )

BOYS: [Chasing him] Hey! Bring back our flea! We want our flea!


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