The Fishing Trip
Posted On: 2021-12-30

Cast: 4 to 8 Cub Scouts.

Props: Fishing gear, a small rowboat or cardboard silhouette of a boat, and a sign that says "boat dock".

Setting: The scene starts with the boat about 10 feet away from the boat dock. The Cub Scouts and their Den Chief are on their way to go fishing. The first Cub stops at the dock then walks out across the water and gets in the boat.

Boy 2: Hey wait for me! (he walks out to the boat)

Den Chief: Oh well… (steps into the water and pretends to fall in and drags himself back to shore)

Boy 3: Hey wait up. Here I come (walks out to the boat)

The Den Chief tries and fails again. The sequence continues until all the boys are in the boat and only the Den Chief remains onshore. Finally, one of the Cub Scouts says: "Should we tell him where the rocks are?"