A Scouter's Golden Opportunity
Posted On: 2019-03-12

I took a piece of plastic clay, and idly fashioned it one day

And as I pressed it still it bent and yielded to my will.

I came again when day was past, that bit of clay was hard at last

My early impressions still it bore and I could change its form no more.

You take a piece of living clay and gently form it day by day

Molding with your power and art, a young boy's soft and yielding heart.

You come again when days are gone, it is a man you look upon;

Your early impressions, still it bore, you could change him never more.

You are dealing with a boy, that must be guided unaware:

Must be shown, but oh so gently, how to live upon the square

Pins and badges aren't the object, character building is the goal

Do not loose your courage sir, you are piloting a soul.



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