A Compass Lesson
Posted On: 2021-12-25

Need: 1 leader and 2 or more scouts.

Props: A good compass and a map

Announcer: In this scene, we see a Scoutmaster teaching a Patrol about maps and compass.

Scoutmaster: Now fellows, if you take a bearing from the map this way you can now stand up and,
keeping the compass away from your belt buckle, walk along the bearing until you reach your
destination. John, you try that.

John : (Does as instructed, exits, re-enters)

Scoutmaster: (Standing) In the same way you can take a bearing on a distant object, and use that to find
where you are on the map. Now, each of you takes a bearing on that big tree on the hilltop.

Other boys : (Do as instructed, passing compass around, making suitable comments.)

Scoutmaster: (After a few moments) All right, let's all gather around. That wraps up tonight's compass
lesson. There is just one more important point! Never, never buy a TATES compass.

Tom: Scouter, why should we never buy a TATES compass?

Scoutmaster: You know the old saying: "He who has a TATES is lost!"



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