Another Native American Ceremony
Posted On: 2019-10-02

We rent a couple of Native American costumes complete with war bonnets. The Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leader Coach dress up. We lower the lights and the Webelos Den Leader Coach holds up a single candle and does the "Scouting Spirit" introduction. He announces to Akela, Chief of the Webelos Tribe, that some young braves have satisfied their requirements and are ready to be recognized.

The Webelos den leaders for the boys and their den chiefs serve as an honor guard. All of the Pack den leaders form a corridor of light with candles (lite from the single candle on stage). The rest of the unit leadership serves as our background (Native American song) chanters.

One of the honor guard (in front of procession) carries and beats a large tom-tom drum (slow rythem); another (at the rear of the procession) rings some slay bells in between each beat of the drum. If possible, we get a member of the local Order of Arrow to dress in full regalla and carry our wooden Arrow of Light symbol in front of the procession.

Once we get the boys (and parents) to the stage, the webelos den leaders lead the boys in "repeating after me" the stanzas of the Boy Scout Promise. Akela presents them with their patch. He explains the symbology of the flu-de-lee design and that this one Cub Scout patch is not turned upside down. Parents pin it on. Then Akela charges them with the challenge of earning the Arrow of Light.

At the end, we have the OA do a celebration dance and the audience applaudes.


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