Webelos Scout Uniform
Posted On: 2019-09-28

Webelos den leader; Webelos den chief, the transferring Cub Scout, his den leader and his parents; members of Webelos den to hold flags.

The pack flag; the transferring Cub Scout's den flag; the Webelos den flag; the Webelos cap; neckerchief

Webelos Den Leader: Tonight we welcome Bear Cub Scout [name] into our Webelos den. He has completed the third grade and has shown himself worthy by working hard through the Wolf and Bear Cub Scout ranks. Before we call Cub Scout [name] and his parents forward, I will ask that the pack flag and his former den flag and the flag of his Webelos den be brought to the center of the stage. (Members of the Webelos den present the flags.)

Now, will Bear Cub Scout [name] come forward with his parents and den leader.

Den Chief: [Den leader's name], will you please present Bear Cub Scout [name] with his new Webelos neckerchief

Den Chief: [Name], we welcome you into our Webelos den. You're sure to have fun with us because we do lots of exciting things, like hikes and overnight campouts.

Wear your Webelos neckerchief proudly. It means you've taken another step along the Scouting trail.

Webelos Den Leader: And now, Bear Cub Scout [name], we want to give you the other part of the Webelos uniform, the Webelos cap. It will tell everybody that you are an older boy, getting ready for the adventures of Boy Scouting. The Webelos cap will hold the activity badges you earn as you explore the Webelos trail. Welcome to our Webelos den. Now I believe your former den leader wants to say a few words.

Den Leader: [Name], we have enjoyed having you with us in Den [number]. I'm sure you'll do as well in the Webelos den as you have in ours. Your former den mates wish you good luck as you move farther along the Scouting trail. (He or she salutes or shakes hands with him.)

Webelos Den Leader: [New Webelos Scouts parents], you have helped [name] this far along the Cub Scout trail. It is important now that you continue to stay with him and become thoroughly familiar with the Scouting trail in our Webelos den. We will soon have the pleasure, we know, of seeing you present your son with activity badges, the Webelos badge, and finally, the Arrow of Light Award, the highest award in Cub Scouting. (The pack gives its yell and the group retires to their seats.)



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