Webelos Magic Box
Posted On: 2009-03-27

EQUIPMENT: washing machine or similar box. But a door leaving hinge to close and open, decorate with large magic eye shooting out rays. Stars. Moons. Use magic symbols. Cut hand holes around box so cubs can pick it up one hole per den member.

PERSONNEL: Webelos leader, Webelos den, Webelos den chief

ARRANGEMENT: lights out, spot light on box, box in center of room, den around box. Den chief or cub in box. To change neckerchief and turn cub into Webelos.

WEBELOS LEADER: This evening the Webelos den will spin a magic spell to welcome our new Webelos scout, will ________ and his parents please come forward, (send Webelos scout for cub and parents. And put cub into the box).

WEBELOS LEADER: The magic spell will start as soon as you enter the magic box. (After he is in the box the den chief changes the neckerchief. And pins on the Webelos colors). The den picks up the box and and walks in a circle several times. It is then stopped, den chief steps out. "Whoops, go back, the magic went too far. You're a boy scout. Den reverses their circle a minute or two. Cub comes out again - this time as a Webelos scout.

WEBELOS LEADER: Congratulates parents and cub. Tell Webelos scout when and where den meetings are held, have den yell "the magic or our den works every time, Welcome __________."


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