Webelos Ceremony
Posted On: 2019-09-28


Mothers, dads, Cubs - Let's climb the hill to the land of Scouts.


Tigers are the first Scouts, of that we are aware,

This is where we learn to search, discover, and share.

Then we start down the trail as a good Bobcat

It isn't awfully hard for the stones are fairly flat.

Now comes the Wolf hill - here we start to climb

But footsteps can be steady, if each will take the time.

We rise and rise to the home of the Bear

It isn't easy climbing but all can make it there.

Now we've scaled the Peak - we're almost to the top

Is this the end of Scouting - do we have to stop?

We stand on Cubbing Hill - and not so far away

We hear the call from Boy Scout Hill - "Come on guys, let's play!"

Is there no way for us to cross this narrow gap


Of course there is!  We will know how!  A bridge that's good and strong!

A bridge of boys called Webelos!  It means that "we belong!"

And all the Scouting family, will share with us our pride

Because you formed our bridge - took Webelos in your stride.

cheer you on across this span - you've honored us here tonight

If you keep on, from boy to man, you'll really do alright!

* We can do many things to get a Cub Scout to want to become a Boy Scout, but unless the Scoutmaster opens the door and says, "Come on in", there just won't be any graduation into a troop.

This calls for a realistic plan and close cooperation between the Cubmaster and the Scoutmaster to make it happen.