Webelos Badge Advancement
Posted On: 2009-03-27

Webelos Scouts, Webelos den leader, Cubmaster, parents.

Webelos badges, ceremonial board if desired, table, safety pins.

The Webelos leader and Webelos Scouts present themselves at the front of the pack meeting. The Webelos badges are placed on the ceremonial board or table, ready for presentation by the Cubmaster. The parents remain seated until the appropriate moment near the end of the ceremony.

Webelos Den Leader: Will [names of participating Webelos Scouts] please give the Scout sign, and repeat the correct phrase of the Scout Oath.

Webelos Scouts: (In unison.) On my honor ...

Webelos Den Leader: An assurance I make, a pledge to do right, I keep it before me, a bright shining light

Webelos Scouts: I will do my best ...

Webelos Den Leader: I'll try my best to do it, though difficult it may be, and if I keep my promise, then folks will believe in me.

Webelos Scouts: To do my duty to God and my country ...

Webelos Den Leader: To God, the creator, and a country so mighty; my reverence, my loyalty, forever I guarantee.

Webelos Scouts: And to obey the Scout Law ...

Webelos Den Leader: The 12 points of the Scout Law are the rules of the game; to become a useful citizen, that is my aim.

Webelos Scouts: To help other people at all times ...

Webelos Den Leader: The young, the old, many people need me; a cheery smile, a helping hand, of service I will be.

Webelos Scouts: To keep myself physically strong....

Webelos Den Leader: Building endurance, building strength, being careful, my body will serve me well if I am thoughtful.

Webelos Scouts: Mentally awake....

Webelos Den Leader: My mind is important, a tool to keep keen; to be always alert and ready to learn.

Webelos Scouts: And morally straight.

Webelos Den Leader: I'll strive to be honest, clean, and faithful, my character unblemished. All good and true values I want a part of me when I've finished.

(The Cubmaster calls the parents forward. With congratulations and a Cub Scout handshake, the Webelos badges are presented to the parents, who in turn present them to their boys.)




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