Tonight - Webelos Badge
Posted On: 2021-12-25


WEBELOS LEADER: Tonight, I have the honor of presenting the Webelos Badge to one of our Webelos Scouts. Would (boy's name) and his parents please come forward

To receive this award a boy must: Earn three activity badges

- Be active in the Webelos den for at least 3 months

- Understand and intend to live by the Scout Oath, Motto, & Slogan

- Know the Scout salute, sign, and handclasp

- Know the parts of the Scout badge and uniform

- Understand and support the out door code

- Plan and lead a flag ceremony in his den

As you can see, these boys had to work very hard to earn this award; so it gives me great pleasure in presenting this award to your parents to present to you. (Give award to parents who, in turn, present to boy.) Congratulations, on your good work and I'm looking forward to the day when I can present you with your Arrow of Light.