The Challenge Of Bears To Webelos
Posted On: 2021-12-21


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos leader, candidates, and their parents

EQUIPMENT: Webelos neckerchief for each candidate, table

SETTING: Cubmaster is in front of the room with a table holding the neckerchiefs (folded)

CUBMASTER: Our Webelos dens have one big purpose. That is to prepare our Webelos Scouts for Boy Scouting. As Webelos Scouts, our boys work on exciting activity badges and learn things that may lead to lifelong hobbies or vocations. At the same time, they study the Boy Scout requirements so that they will be prepared to become active Boy Scouts by the time they graduate from the fifth grade.

As Webelos Scouts, they will learn more about the outdoors, the world around them, good citizenship, health, and family responsibility. They will learn to work together as a team to achieve their goals. And, since Webelos Scouting is the beginning of boy Scouting, they will no longer depend upon their parents to sign for their achievements, but must now accomplish their advancement through their Webelos leader.

We would like to ask the following candidates to come forward with their parents.

Are you prepared to meet the challenge of Webelos Scouting, to do your best, and to live by the Law of the Pack?

Then we are proud to welcome you as our pack's Webelos Scouts. (Neckerchiefs are handed to parents which will be put around their son's neck.)




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