Presentation Of Webelos Activity Badges
Posted On: 2021-12-21

PERSONNEL: Webelos den leader, Den Chief, Webelos, and their parents.

EQUIPMENT: Arrow of Light ceremonial board, with on small candle for each activity badge to be presented plus one large candle, and the activity badges.

DEN LEADER: (number) members of our Webelos den have earned activity badges this month. They are: (Name), who has earned the ________ badge; and (name) who has earned the _______ badge; (etc). Will these Webelos Scouts please come forward with their parents?

Now I will ask Den Chief (Name) to light the small candles for each activity badge.

Webelos Scout (name), you have earned the Craftsman badge. To do that, you mastered many tools and made several toys and useful items. I congratulate you on your new skills. (Hands badge to parents as Den Chief lights the first candle).

Webelos Scout (name), you have earned the Geologist badge. You had to learn a great deal about the earth and what it is composed of, and you learned how rocks and minerals are useful to man. My congratulations to you. (Hands badge to parents as Den Chief lights the second candle).

Den Chief are you going to light the big candle?


DEN LEADER: Why not?

DEN CHIEF: Because the big candle stands for the Arrow of Light Award.

DEN LEADER: That's right. This big candle is for the Arrow of Light award, the highest in Cub Scouting. It must remain unlit until we have a Webelos Scout who has completed the Arrow of Light requirements. Then we will light that candle. These small candles, representing the activity badge areas, are simply steps in the development of Webelos Scouts. They are important in themselves, but they lead us to the biggest prize that a boy can win, the Arrow of Light award.

(Adjust names of activity badge and its brief description as needed.)