Induction Into The Webelos Den
Posted On: 2021-12-21


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos Den Leader, Webelos Den

EQUIPMENT: 4 Candles, Webelos emblem, Webelos scarf and colors for the inductee, table ARRANGEMENT: 3 candles equally spaced in a block of wood with the Webelos emblem behind it or to the side of the candles. (4th candle to light the other 3.)

CUBMASTER: (Call the Webelos den members up in front of the audience to stand behind the table and to form a semicircle facing the audience.) We have several Bear Cubs who are eligible to join our Webelos den. (Call each boy by name and have them escort their parents to the front of the room.) To welcome these new boys and their parents the Webelos den is already here to accept and welcome you into the Webelos den. As Bear Cubs, you know the hard work it has taken to get you to the rank of Bear. We light this first candle that symbolizes your hard work which has made you eligible to enter the Webelos den.

(Light the first candle.) This second candle is for your parents who have helped you this far along the Cub Scout Trail. (Light the second candle.) Now I ask your parents to help you once more by removing your Bear scarf. This last candle is in honor of the Webelos den. Its members welcome you and want to help you advance further along the Scouting Trail. (Light the last candle.) At this time I would like the Webelos den leader to come forward and present you with your Webelos scarf. And to your parents, we give your Webelos colors and ask them to help you pin them on your right sleeve. Congratulations! You are now part of the Webelos den. Good luck with your new adventures.




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