Earning The Webelos Badge
Posted On: 2021-12-21


ARRANGEMENTS: Webelos Leader, 3 Cub Scouts, and 1 Webelos Scout (representing

Bobcat, Wolf Bear, and Webelos) Webelos candidate and parents.

EQUIPMENT: Webelos badge, ceremony board, and four candles.

WEBELOS LEADER: Tonight, we are recognizing Webelos Scout (name) from our pack who has earned the Webelos badge. Would (name) and his parents come forward.

Let us go back and review the steps he has taken to reach this rank. He started by earning his Bobcat badge. To do this he learned the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. Will Bobcat Scout (name) come forward and light the Bobcat candle?

Next, he worked on 12 achievements to earn the Wolf rank. Will Wolf Scout (name) please come forward and light the candle representing the rank of Wolf.'

Later, he acquired more Scouting skills as he worked on 12 increasingly harder requirements for the Bear rank. Let Bear Scout (name) come forward at this time and light the candle for the Bear rank.

To earn the Webelos badge, (name) joined a Webelos den at least three months ago. Now that he has earned 3 activity badges, learned the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, and Motto, we are happy to present to him the Webelos badge. Will Webelos Scout (name) come forward and light the last candle which represents the rank of Webelos Scout? (Present Webelos badge to parents, who presents the badge to Scout.) Congratulations! Wear your Webelos badge with pride!