Canoe Neckerchief Slide For Bear - Graduation To Webelos
Posted On: 2009-03-29

Cubmaster calls forward present Bear dens. (Bear leaders are already at the front of the room.)

LEADER # 1: You young men have worked very hard this year. You have achieved so much and are proud to wear your Bear badge.

LEADER #2: You have learned a great deal and found much enjoyment.

LEADER #3: Now you will become a Webelos Scout.

CUBMASTER: Your leaders are now giving you a neckerchief slide in the shape of a canoe. (Leaders shake hands with their Cubs.) Let this be a reminder to you, that before you criticize a person, stop and think what it is like to float down the waters of life in the other person's canoe. Now I would like to introduce to you your new Webelos leader(s). (Webelos leader(s) come forward, Bear leaders return to their seats. Introductions are made.) New Webelos Scouts, return to your seats.


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