Bear And Webelos Graduation
Posted On: 2021-12-21

EQUIPMENT: Advancement board, candles for Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, etc

Webelos bridge.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Ass't Cubmaster, Webelos Leader

Will the following Bear Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward:

(Light Bobcat candle (white) Wolf ( yellow) Bear (orange) Webelos (green)

Upon completion of the Wolf and Bear ranks, a Cub Scout is well on his way along the Cub Scout trail to becoming a Boy Scout. The Bear Scouts before you have worked hard and diligently through their ranks and have earned the right to go on and enter our Webelos den.

When a Cub becomes a Webelos Scout he makes a distinctive change in uniform.

A cap with the Webelos emblem, a set of colors to wear on the shoulder representing the scouting program, gold standing for the Pack, red standing for the Troop, and green representing the Explorers. A plaid neckerchief instead of yellow or blue. In Webelos, a scout works on activity badges which are placed on his colors instead of achievements and electives.

The Webelos Scout is now eligible for campouts in addition to the required Pack outings. Now, will the Bear Scouts go over to the Ass't Cubmaster who will remove your cap and neckerchief, then cross over the bridge to Your Webelos leader who will accept you into our Webelos den and place your Webelos cap and plaid neckerchief on you?

Give our new Webelos a big POW.