Akela's Compass
Posted On: 2021-12-21


PROPS: Compass made from pizza board.


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, new Webelos Scout, parents, Webelos Den member, Webelos Den Chief, Webelos Den Leader.

ARRANGEMENT: Have the participants stand in a line facing the pack. As Cubmaster reads, the participants step forward as they are mentioned.


I'm Akela, the leader of the pack.

Akela leads the Cubs and guides them down the track.

Since the Cub Scout trail goes far and wide,

Akela's Compass is your guide.

The compass needle points to the North.

His Den Leader stands here, of course.

Who'll walk with him along the way,

Like a Compass needle, he'll never stray.

To the East in full array.

His Webelos den, like break of day.

The radiance of eagerness fills the skies.

The spirit of adventure in their eyes.

To the Scout his Den Chief beams.

A Boy Scout filled with boyhood dreams.

He takes the Webelos by hand.

Alive with action-they rule the land.

His Webelos Leader is to the West.

A symbol of manhood at its best.

Follow him closely if you can.

For the ideals of Scouting are in this man.

There is one more thing we're going to need,

To complete my compass for me to read.

It's the center point where the needle lies.

It's Mom and Dad on whom he relies.

No, I read my compass and set the course.

The rest is up to him, of course.

If you'll follow me along the trail.

With may compass in hand, how can we fail?





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