20 Activity Pins
Posted On: 2019-09-28


This evening, we're proud to announce that our pack is continuing with a very special award. In the Webelos program the boys work on 20 different activity badges.


During the past 2 years as Webelos, they have, as a den and as individuals, worked on all 20 or these badges. The Webelos leader provides guidance; the boys do the work. Even though they're working in the den, not all boys finish all the requirements.

In nearly ____ years that our pack has been in existence, close to ___ boys have gone through the Webelos program. Of that number, only ____boys have earned all 20 Webelos activity badges.

To give you an idea of the extent of their accomplishments, here are the activity areas and a sample of the requirements:

Aquanaut - a minimum of 4 requirements, among them, swim 100 feet, ½ with backstroke.

Artist - a minimum of 5 requirements, among them; draw or paint an original picture, frame it.

Athlete - 4 requirements, among them, run 600 yards in 2 minutes, 45 seconds or less.

Citizen - 8 requirements, including write a 50-word essay on the US President or other great American.

Communicator - a minimum of 9 requirements including using a signal code to send a message of a few words to a friend.

Craftsman - 7 requirements, including make 4 different useful wooden object.

Engineer - 5 requirements, including building a working catapult.

Family Member - a minimum of 4 requirements, among them tell what is meant by family, duty to family, and chores.

Fitness - a minimum of 4 requirements including telling an adult what drugs, alcohol and tobacco could do to your body.

Forester - 5 requirements including identify 6 forest trees on a hike.

Geologist - 5 requirements to include collecting 5 geological specimens and identify.

Handyman - a minimum of 4 requirements including mow a lawn and properly rake and dispose of the cut grass.

Naturalist - 4 requirements, including be able to identify the poisonous plants and reptiles in our area.

Outdoorsman - 5 requirements among them tie 5 knots or attend your Boy Scout camp.

Readyman - 8 requirements among them, explain what first aid is and tell what you should do in case of an accident.

Scholar - 6 requirements, including take an active part in a school service activity.

Scientist - 9 requirements, including explain how crystals are formed and make some.

Showman - 4 requirements, including write and put on a puppet play, or play 4 tunes on a musical instrument or memorize and give a monologue.

Sportsman - 4 requirements, including knowing skills, rules, equipment, safety courtesies of 2 team and 2 individual sports and take part in them.

Traveler - 5 requirements including use timetables to plan a trip and figure out cost per mile by bus, railroad, or plane.

Would the following boy(s) please come forward: ________, the pack is honored to recognize your outstanding achievements as a Webelos Scout by presenting you with this display on which you may mount your patches and activity badges.

Congratulations gentlemen!





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