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Pioneering Diagrams and Books - Gadget Utensils

Pioneering - Utensils



A pair of tongs can be easily made from two branches (each should have a natural curve to them so that they can 'pinch' easily) lashed together at one end.
They should be made so that they want to 'spring apart'. A forked end to one of the branches will improve the grip of the tongs. If you want you can place a wedge under the lashings to improve the 'spring' of the tongs.

Use for holding pots and hot rocks.
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Bamboo Cup

A bamboo cane will provide a natural cup if you cut the bamboo just below a natural joint (and the same for the next joint up, or the second joint up if you want to have a long tall 'jug').

You must take care to smooth the edges as roughly cut bamboo naturally has many sharp edges and splinters.
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Bamboo Cup



To make a wooden spoon you will need to whittle a piece of wood down to size. Start with a fairly flat piece and mark the shape of the spoon upon it. Carefully and slowly whittle down to the required shape. Remember to always cut away from you and your hand.
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Birch Bark Containers

You will need strips of birch bark. Do not just pull them off a tree at your local campsite, I don't think the warden will be pleased. To make a square box type container, fold as shown in the diagram and either sew or tie in place once you have the shaper. A temporary fastening can be made using a split peg although this means the container will not hold a great deal of weight before it 'spills open' again.

To make a waterproof drinking container simply fold the bark into a conical shape and sew in place. With care this could also be used for cooking in.
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Birch Bark cup

Birch Bark Containers

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