Captain Zoom III
Posted On: 2019-10-11

After zapping everything he could see around his spaceship with his Alpha Particle Disintegrator ____________ (NOUN), Captain Zoom began to explore the ____________ (ADJECTIVE) planet Hang-On.   Hang-On had a/an ____________ (ADJECTIVE) atmosphere containing lots of ____________ (A GAS) and ____________ (A LIQUID).  The natives were about ____________ (NUMBER) feet tall and were ____________ (A COLOR) except for their hair, which was____________ (A COLOR).  They had ____________ (NUMBER) arms and____________ (NUMBER) fingers on each - ____________ (NOUN).  They lived by growing ____________ (A FOOD -PLURAL) and fertilizing them with____________ (PLURAL NOUN).  They welcomed Captain Zoom with open ____________ (PART OF BODY - PLURAL). They took him to their capital city called ____________ (NAME OF TOWN), and said they wanted to make him their king. "I couldn't," he said ____________ (ADVERB), "because I am a/an  ____________ (ADJECTIVE) American."