Captain Zoom II
Posted On: 2019-10-11

One day Captain Zoom heard that a group of ____________ (A NATIONALITY) --____________ (PLURAL NOUN) had been picked up by some little green ____________ (PLURAL NOUN) who were in a flying saucer.  He learned they were locked in a ____________ (A RECEPTACLE) on the ____________ (ADJECTIVE) planet Hang-On. At once he called to his ____________ (ADJECTIVE) companion, “Hey Shorty, get the spacecraft warmed up. We are going to ____________ (A PLACE)."  And off they zoomed, ____________ (VERB ENDING IN "ING") around the moon and past Mars. In no time at all they landed on Hang-On.  When Captain Zoom stepped out of his ship he said, "____________ (AN EXCLAMATION)!" because the first thing he saw was a purple -____________ (NOUN) which was eating a long, thin ____________ (SOMETHING ALIVE).   He whipped out his super ____________ (ADJECTIVE) Ray Gun and blasted away until he had____________ (VERB [PAST TENSE]) everything in sight.  "Now, Shorty," he said ____________ (ADJECTIVE), "let's see if we can find some ____________ (PLURAL NOUN) to rescue”



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