Captain Zoom I
Posted On: 2019-10-11

The Adventures of Captain Zoom, Space ____________ (NOUN).  Captain Zoom is a superhero who wears a/an ____________ (COLOR) cape and a/an____________ (COLOR) suit of long underwear. He has his own ____________ (ADJECTIVE) rocket ship, which takes him all over the universe. His ship is fueled by ____________ (A FOOD) mixed with ____________ (A LIQUID) and can go____________ (NUMBER) miles per hour. Captain Zoom loves to go to the assistance of poor ____________ (PLURAL NOUN) who are in trouble.

When he hears of such a/an ____________ (ADJECTIVE) situation, he leaps ____________ (ADVERB) into his ship and zooms off into the wild ____________ (COLOR) yonder.   He journeys throughout the galaxy, sometimes going as far as ____________ (A PLACE).  He has a/an____________ (ADJECTIVE) companion who goes with him on all his adventures.   His companion is a ____________ (NUMBER)-year-old boy whose name is ____________ (NAME OF BOY IN ROOM) but who is called ____________ (A SILL Y WORD).   To read more about Captain Zoom, ____________ (ADVERB) go to the next Mad Lib.