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Science Class

Setting: Teacher and students enter classroom. Bell rings.
Teacher: Class, today we will begin our study of astronomy.
Student 1: (Loud whisper to Student 2) What's that?
Student 2: It's way over your head.
Teacher: Attention please, students. As t told you, we're going to take up a new topic - space.
Student 1: (loud whisper to Student 3) Did you hear that? He said we are going to take up space!
Student 3: That's all you ever do - take up space!
Teacher: What is at the center of gravity?
Student 2: The letter "v".
Teacher: Of all the planets, which one can we see most easily any time of year?
Student 1: Earth! !
Teacher: What will happen when the sun shines at night?
Student 3: That'll be the day!
Teacher: Did you students know that they found bones on the moon?
Student 1: Wow! I guess that means the cow didn't make it after all!
Teacher: And speaking of the moon, I suppose we could call the Earth and the moon good friends.
Student 2: I should say so! They've been going around together for an awfully long time!
Teacher: Can someone please tell me which is closer to us, South America or the moon?
Student 3: The moon, of course.
Teacher: How could you say that?
Student 3. That's easy. I can see the moon from here but I sure can't see South America.
Teacher: By the way, do you know if there are any fish in outer space?
Student 1: Sure! They call them starfish1
Teacher: Who knows what a star with a tail is called? Can you name any of them?
Student 2: Yeah, Halley's Comet, Mickey Mouse, and Lassie.
Teacher: That's all for today, class. Don't forget our field trip tomorrow night. We're going to the planetarium, where the telescope is, to see an all-star show!

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