The Constellations
Posted On: 2019-09-20

Since time began, it seems that people have been fascinated by and interested in studying the stars.  So much so that the groupings of stars, what we call constellations, have been given special names with special meanings.  The Cub Scouts are at a perfect age to absorb all the information they can about anything, and constellations are no different.  Here's a skit my son's Den did years ago (when he was a Wolf). It gets the parents interested and involved and teaches the boys a little while having fun at it.  And at the Pack Meeting, it was a great success.

Activity:  Do some research into the mythology behind some of the constellations.  (We used Greek and Roman myths.)  And get some pictures of the different gods after whom the constellations are named.  Make sure the pictures show the relationship of the constellations to the gods.  Then have the boys pick out characters they want to represent in the skit.  Have them dress for the parts and attach tinfoil stars at the right places on their costumes.  (One of the favorites from when our boys did it was Gemini, The Twins, where two of the boys dressed together to be that constellation.)

Pick a narrator (not necessarily one of the Cubs because they like the acting out) who can talk a little about each constellation.  Then, at the Pack Meeting, have all the boys line up in their costumes on stage.



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