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Space Riddles

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?
You rock-et!

Why did Captain Kirk go into the ladies toilet?
To boldly go where no man has been before!

What holds the moon up?
Moon beams!

Why is space vacuum?
To clean up all the stardust.

What goes "swish" in outer space?
A shooting star.

Why did the astronaut stop writing in his log?
Because the moon was full.

Why couldn't the spaceship land on the moon?
Because the moon was full.

What bug fives on the moon?
A lunar tick.

What is the brightest fish in the universe?
A starfish.

Why did the astronomer stare at the dreamers?
Because they had stars in their eyes.

If athletes get athlete's foot, what do astronauts get?

What works only when It's fired?
A rocket.

Why wasn't the Martian upset when he saw a bug in his soup?
Because it was just a fly-in-saucer.

Why did the astronaut give his copilot a sandwich?
Because it was launch time

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