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Skip to My Lou

Lost my partner what'll I do? [Repeat twice more.]
Skip to my Lou, my darling.


Skip, skip, skip to my Lou. [Repeat twice more.]
Skip to my Lou, my darling.

2. I'll get another, a nicer one too-

3. If I lose that one, I'll take two-

4. Flies in the sugar bowl, shoo, shoo, shoo-

5. Cat's in the buttermilk, licking it too-

6. Kitten in the haymow, mew, mew, mew-

7. Bears in the rose bush, boo, boo, boo-

8. Mule's in the cellar, kicking up through-

9. Dad's old hat got torn in two-

10.Little red wagon, painted blue-

11.Had a cart and pony too-

12.Going to get a red-bird, a pretty one too-

13.If I can't get a red-bird, a blue-bird'll do-

14.Needle in the haystack, Number 32

15.Hurry up, slow poke, do, Oh, do-

Optional dance actions: Players form a circle and chose partners. Dance starts with one couple moving to the center and selecting one other person. The three hold hands and skip about the circle. On the word, "skip," the couple stops and joins hands to form an arch for the third person to step under.

The couple then rejoins the circle, the person left in the

center picks another couple to skip about. Again, on the word, "skip," the original caller and one member of the couple called in make the arch and rejoin the circle, leaving the other member of the couple just called in the center. The person left in the center chooses a third couple, and so on, until the song ends.


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