What's the Problem? #2
Posted On: 2019-07-17

As cute as it is, it really only is a skeleton. Maybe you could use it as a gag to either place in the order as with any other skit, or get the campfire chief involved, so that when he calls up the group, you can make it look like they really don't have a skit. You know, call them up, have one person start to cry, another, and at the appointed time, have the chief ask, "Let's get a move on. Get your skit moving! We're having a campfire here." "But we don't have a skit!"

Cast: Leader, three or four Kids, Campfire Chief (in campfire blanket)
Setting: Tent Area

Swasin: (Crying on stage)

Kid 1: (Sees leader; goes to him.) Swasin! What's the problem?

Swasin: (Whispers in kid's ear.)

#1 begins to cry too.

#2: Hey! What's the problem?

#1 whispers in #2's ear, and he starts crying too. Continue with #3 and #4.

Finally, Campfire Chief comes around.

Chief: Hi! I've come around to collect skit names for the campfire tonight!

Hey! What's the problem?

All: We don't have a skit!



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