Wilderness Survival Signals
Posted On: 2019-03-12

Ground to air signals should be at least 10 metres long and 3 metres wide with 3 metres inbetween each signals. These signals can be made of anything, like branches, dark coloured soil or even burned trees. Just remember that they have to be big enough so that aircraft can see them. All search and rescue workers know these signals as they are recognized worldwide.


Unable to move

http://beta.insanescouter.org/Assets/Content/seriousinjury.jpg Serious injury

http://beta.insanescouter.org/Assets/Content/goingthisway.jpg  Going this way

Aircraft Aircraft badly damaged

I I do not understand

Require Require food and water

Indicate Indicate direction to proceed

Need Need map and compass

Need Need medical supplies

Need Need radio

Think Think safe to land here (broken triangle is aircraft taking off)

Negative Negative

Affirmative Affirmative

Yes Yes (same acknowledgement as affirmative)



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