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Geologist - Like a Rock

Use these words to fill in the blanks below.

volcanoes mountains geologist's hammer
magnifier sedimentary rock chisel
igneous rock safety glasses geysers
fossils earthquake metamorphic rock


Rock made by the cooling of magma; not layered; examples are granite and basalt.

Sediment that under great pressure becomes rock; it is layered; examples are sandstone, shale and conglomerate.

Baked rock or rock that has changed form; examples are marble and quartzite.

Used to pull rocks out of the hillside and for breaking them apart.

Used with a hammer to chip stone as well as for digging things loose.

These help protect eyes while digging and exploring.

This is a special type of glass that is used to make things appear larger so they can be examined more closely.

Holes in the ground through which streams of melted rock pour out of the earth; may form into a mountain peak.

Steam and boiling water that is blown into the air.

Rocks in one area (under great pressure from other rocks) that crack together and cause the phenomenon of "shaking" earth.

This land feature can be formed by volcanic action, erosion, or by uplift.

A trace of animal or plant life from millions of years ago that has hardened into rock.

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