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Posted On: 2009-11-30

Water Safety
For each statement, circle the correct answer, DO or DON'T.

DO DON'T 1. Show off in the water.
DO DON'T 2. Dive into strange or shallow waters.
DO DON'T 3. Go in swimming right after eating.
DO DON'T 4. Have your family physician tell you of any problems found in your fitness checkup.

Swimming & Rescue

Using words from the list below, fill in the correct answer for each description.


Surface Dive Crawl Stroke Backstroke Go
Sidestroke Reach Buddy System Throw
__________ 1. Swimming with a buddy is good common sense because you can help each other if one gets in trouble or help each other to improve swimming skills.
__________ 2.This stroke begins with floating on your back.
__________ 3.This stroke is done on either your left side or your right side.
__________ 4.In this stroke your head changes from facing down to facing to the side so you can take a breath of air.
__________ 5.This skill involves floating face down, then bending sharply at the waist and aiming toward the bottom.
__________ 6.Rescue method where you extend something for the victim to grab onto.
__________ 7.This rescue method involves providing a floating device to the victim.
__________ 8.This is the last rescue choice where you must get to the victim, preferably in a boat or other form of support.

Boating Safety

Circle the correct answer(s) for each statement.

  1. In a rowboat ( 1 OR 2 OR 3 ) people per seat is a safe rule.
  2. ( Children OR Scouts OR Adults ) should wear a life jacket in a boat 20 feet or shorter.
  3. If your boat tips over ( swim to shore OR hang onto the boat ).
  4. Always keep a lookout for ( other boats OR swimmers OR sharks).

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