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Egypt Crossword Puzzle #2


2. The ____has the body of a lion and the head of the pharaoh Khafre.
3. A ____has four triangular sides and comes to a point at the top of the structure.
5. This Egyptian queen lived around 2200 years ago and had strong ties to Rome.
7. The stem of the ____plant, found along the Nile River, was used to make paper in ancient Egypt and medieval Europe.
8. This water-raising device consists of a simple lever.
9. ____is an Egyptian word describing the Red Land, the desert.
10. A ____is a burial chamber.
11. A preserved body is called a _______. In Egypt they were usually wrapped in linen.
15. At more than 3000 miles long, the is the world's longest river.
16. Howard_____funded the search for Tutankhamen's tomb.
18. _____is one of the world's oldest civilizations and Busch Garden's newest area.
19. The Rosetta Stone is the large stone _____ written in three languages including Greek.
20. The largest of the pyramids is found at______, near modern Cairo.


1. This ancient city on the Nile River is the southern capital of Egypt.
2. A_____is a large stone coffin.
3. An Egyptian ruler is called a_____.
4. A spring or pool in the desert is called an_____. At Faiyum it was used as a water reservoir to irrigate the surrounding fields.
6. This branch of the Nile, in the delta, gave its name to a famous stone inscribed with hieroglyphics.
12. A hawk-headed Egyptian god or an inverted roller coaster at Busch Gardens.
13. This Egyptian city shares its name with an American city in Tennessee.
14. An Egyptian word describing the black fertile soil deposited by the flooding Nile.
16. A snake symbolizing the power of the Pharaoh. Its is represented on the hood-shaped headdress of the pharaoh.
17. This Egyptian god is represented by the Nile crocodile.



2. sphinx
3. pyramid
5. Cleopatra
7. papyrus
8. shaduf
9. deshret
10. tomb
11. mummy
15. Nile
16. Carter
18. Egypt
19. tablet
20. Giza


1. Thebes
2. sarcophagus
3. pharaoh
4. oasis
6. Rosetta
12. Montu
13. Memphis
14. kemet
16. cobra
17. Sobek

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