Blue & Gold Banquet - Additional Tips
Posted On: 2021-08-06

  1. Plan early - remember, if you "fail to plan" then you "plan to fail"
  2. Reserve the meeting room well in advance
  3. Ask a few Boy Scouts to help serve and clean up
  4. Ask parents and guests to RSVP so you can plan food and seating accordingly
  5. Use all the resources (people, donations, equipment, etc.) available to your pack; check parent talent survey sheets
  6. Keep crafts (placemats, napkin rings, etc.) simple and ask parents to help with them
  7. Involve the boys; remember this banquet is for them
  8. Keep the songs and skits short and simple
  9. Keep good communications between the B&G Committee and the Pack Committee
  10. Ask Committee to write a report and suggestions; Add it to a folder for future B&G Committees


Banquet Decorations

The boys should be involved in making banquet decorations. They should be simple and not time-consuming to make. Use the banquet theme as a guideline for decorations.

Plan in advance who will make what items. There should be coordination between den leaders, den leader coach, and B&G Committee so that each den will be making generally the same items.

Things boys might make are:

Centerpieces Nut cups Placemats
Name Cards Napkin Rings Corsages
Boutonnieres Favors  

Other Decoration Suggestions
Helium Balloons
Pictures of pack events
Projects the Cubs have made
"Old" scouting items from the past