Who Pays for Scouting
Posted On: 2019-05-29

Scouting is paid for in many different ways. The first and most basic form is from its membership fees. After that is donations from the public, the community, and corporations. What it really comes down to is:



Each unit gets its funds from dues, and approved fund raisers these funds are used to pay for activities, equipment, registration, Boys Life, uniforms, and program materials.

Community Organizations:

These organizations like: schools, churches, and local business who sponsor a troop usually provide a meeting place and leadership to run the unit. The organization is known as a Charter Organization which over sees that the program works properly.


The Council provides units with training, material, scouts, ideas, and leaders. They raise funds to keep the whole movement going, and to make sure that boys are treated and guided properly.

National (BSA)

The National Organization is responsible for registration fees, local council fees, investing income, Boys Life & Scouting magazines, sales official scout equipment, charitable donations, and grants.



Based of off the Official Web Pages



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