Who Are The Proffesionals
Posted On: 2009-11-24

The Professional

The Boy scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds desirable qualities of character, trains in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops their personal fitness. Scouting serves more then 4 million young men and women in every part of the country through more then 300 local councils. Nearly 4,000 professionals lead, guide and train more then a million volunteers. The professional staff has the responsibility for working with volunteer committees and community leaders to recruit, train, guide and inspire them to become involved in the program of Scouting.


The Professionals Responsibilities
  • Sales - getting the word about scouting out through the volunteers
  • Services - relieve help
  • Finance - ganging the funds needed to operate the program
  • Administration - dealing with the paperwork and other business duties
  • Public Relations - keeping the image of scouting pure, and providing press release for scouting functions


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