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Special Award Ideas (non-advancment)

Recognition is something that is always important in scouting.  The boys work hard earning rank and achievements, while adults work hard to provide the program.  The Blue and Gold provides a great opportunity to provide recognition's to those adults who are working with the pack.

Added A Spark: 4th of July sparkler

A Note To Start On: For those who got us going (a musical note mounted on a piece of wood)

A Real Card: Mount a playing card

A Real Cut Up: Mount a plastic knife or pair of scissors or a cookie cutter

The Alka Seltzer or Fizzy Award: For those who add fizz to the group or meeting

Banana Award: For the person with great appeal (a wax or plastic banana mounted on a piece of wood)

Bright Idea Award: For those who had a bright idea (a light bulb mounted to a piece of wood)

Berry Good Job: For the person who did a "Berry good Job" (a wax or plastic berry (any kind) mounted to a piece of wood)

Bone-afide Award: For the person who needs an award! (a dog bone mounted to a piece of wood)

Best Foot Forward: 12" ruler or a sock with the toe cut off

Bag Of Trix Award: Trix cereal in a bag

Big heart award: For those who always seem to have one (heart shaped craft material of any kind then decorated)

Its "Bean" Wonderful: Mount up a lima or other large bean

You Banded Us Together: A bunch of rubber bands

The Band-Aid Award: For those who can fix anything ----For someone who got a boo-boo

Corniest: An ear or can of corn

Cheerleader Award: Mount a stiff wire through a box of Cheer laundry soap and add pom poms to the wire

Roll Of Caps (for cap gun): To help you have a great 'Blast-Off' into scouting, we present this roll of caps.  Thanks for joining Cub Scouts

Cone Award: Mount an ice cream cone for the person who can lick any job I've even seen one of those street cones be used

Can of Nuts - In a nutshell, we're nuts about you

The Crutch Award: For those who you can lean on

Covered The Topic: A plastic lid

You Charged Us Up: A battery

Coveted Dime And Pin Award: Glue a pin to a dime

Do-re-me Award: For your song leader Mount a note or cleft

Expanded Our Knowledge: Elastic band or large rubber band

Enlightening Award: A candle or small light on a piece of wood

"Egg"cellent Job / Idea / etc. Award: For those who did an excellent job (Hard boiled egg mounted on a piece of wood) (FUN style--use a raw egg)

Eraser Figures: Look for the 'top banana', lifeboat for a lifesaver, create the recognition based on the figure found.  Display on a plaque or use any creative idea.

Fan-tastic: A fan (use your imagination) I've even seen raids on the garbage dump.

First Aid Award--For the person giving you aid when you needed it (band-aid mounted or given in sleeve

Football Award: A small football to the person who always is willing to tackle a job

Giving An Eye-Opening Performance: Box of tooth picks

Gold Kiss Award: For those who REALLY deserve a kiss (a Hersey's pecan kiss - gold foil)

Heads up award: For the person who is heads above the rest (a plastic head mounted above a piece of wood using a piece of wire to keep the head above the wood)

Hat's Off Award: For someone we take our hats off to (an old hat mounted on a piece of wood)

Heartfelt Thanks: Large heart cut from felt

Helping Hand Award: For those who was willing to help ( trace a hand on construction paper mounted to a piece of cardboard

Hung In There: Anything hanging from something (try to get a picture of the person)

Had A Ball: Mount a ball any size, any kind

Hornblower Award: For those who never (or always) blow their own horn. Mount a plastic bicycle horn

Helping Hand Award: Use a backscratcher with a hand shape.  Do a salt-dough hand.  Make a handprint with finger paint or tempera paints.  Outline a scout's hand.  For anyone who helps out

Knocked Yourself Out Award: Mount a small hammer or mini bat

Kiss Award: For those who deserve a kiss (a Hersey's kiss - silver foil)

Key to Success: For those who were key to making it happen

Kept Us In Stitches: A needle and thread

Life Saver Award: For that person who saved you (a Lifesaver on a string)

Head of Lettuce: "Lettuce" thank you for....

Measure up award: Your performance sets the standard (a ruler mounted to a piece of wood)

Marbleous Job: A bunch of marbles

Megaphone Award: For those who are soft spoken but get the job done or never shout

Most Noteworthy: A notepad, use a match book and glue some paper to the inside (remove matches)

Nuts About The Job Award: For the person who had to be nuts (2 or 3 peanuts glued to a piece of wood)

Nuttiest: A bag of nuts

N'ice Job: A box of N'ice cough drops

Our Eyes Are On You: For the leader who sets the example (button eyes on a large felt U )

Order Of The Spare Marble: For the person who's lost 'em (a marble glued to a small piece of wood or to a string )

Order Of The Bear: For those that bear up under pressure (a plastic bear with a tire gauge)

Order Of The Nut: For one who has to be a little nuts (a walnut on a string or ribbon)

Order of The Level: Mount a small level for the person who is one bubble short of plumb

Plunged Right In Award: Small sink plunger

Pig Award: For the Big HAMS

Plane It's 'plane' to see you are a 'jet'acular leader.  Thanks.

Packet of Seeds: A packet of seeds glued to a plaque.  Inscribe "Thanks for helping the pack grow"

Right Foot Award: For those who got us off on the right foot (Trace a RIGHT foot --use caution some may not know left from right)

Right-On Target: A target pasted to cardboard with "writing" on it

Really Tacky Award: Mounted thumb tacks

Rose To The Occasion: An artificial or ribbon rose

Record Breaker Of Any Kind: A mounted broken record

Rock Award: For those who are the rock of the group

The Rope Award: For those who always tie up the loose ends

The Right Arm Award: Cardboard arm with the hand in the Scout sign

Roll of Tape: Glue to a plaque or just present a large roll of masking or duct tape.  For the person who has stuck with it no matter what.

Ringy Dingy Award----Mount a plastic phone or two cans on a string This is for those who are your phone call addicts.

Raise-In Pay--For the person who deserves a "Raisin" pay (small box of raisins)

Spark Plug Award: For the person who is the spark of a project (a spark plug mounted to a piece of wood)

Scout Spirit Award: For those who show spirit (Make a ghost from a ball & rag with the scout sign on it)

Shell Of A Good Job: Large mounted seashell

You Stuck To It: A roll of tape or glue stick

Shining Example: A small flashlight

Soggy Shoe Award: Old scrungy shoe for the new adult hiker who wore loafers on the 20 miler

Star Award: This is a great thank you for someone who really shines at a job.  Cut a large star out of metallic posterboard (check an Art Supply store).  Use rub-on letters to add your message.

Skeleton Award: Mount a tiny skeleton on a plaque, along with your message, including, "Thanks for working yourself to the bone for us!

For Those With A Stake In The Scouts Future: A tent stake (or if you really mean it a 2 inch thick T-Bone)

Top Award--for the person who is "tops" (use small toy tops)

You Tickled Our Funny Bone: A feather mounted to a bone

Thanks A Million Million $ in play money

Tee-rific: A mounted golf tee or tea bag

Udderly Ridiculous Award: Blown up latex glove

Well Done: Burnt slice of toast

Windbag Award: A blown up bag

Worked Like A Dog: A mounted dog biscuit or bone

Welcome Aboard: A 2 x 4 with the word "welcome" printed on it

Whale Award: For those who did a whale of job


Source: Istrouma Council

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