Special Recognition
Posted On: 2021-07-26


Boys love to be recognized. With special recognition being given in a natural manner and at frequent intervals, Cub Scouts will not be tempted to seek recognition in less desirable ways.

Special ceremonies in the den are less formal than those used in pack meetings. Den ceremonies rarely require anyone to read a part or repeat from memory.

They are more impromptu. Encourage the boys to help create and develop new ceremonies rather than repeat old ones.

This is a chance to use your imagination and give recognition where it is due. Some of the events you may wish to recognize in den meetings are:

1. Birthdays. (Sing 'Happy Birthday,' have a birthday cake.)

2. The arrival of a new member. (Sing 'Cub Scout Welcome Song' and have each boy tell something about himself to get acquainted.)

3. A transfer to a Webelos den. (A good-bye and good luck type of ceremony.)

4. A Webelos Scout's graduation into Boy Scouting.

5. Special achievements in school, church, etc. We hope that the examples in this chapter will create in you the desire to use more special ceremonies and that you or some member of your pack will develop them.