Training Recognition
Posted On: 2021-07-26


Personnel: Cubmaster, den leader being honored
Equipment: Pack position emblem for the den leader
Arrangement: In front of a pack meeting

Cubmaster:  Tonight, we want to recognize (name) (calls forward the den leader).  (Name) has just completed training as a den leader.  Den leaders are an indispensable part of our pack.  It is one thing for a person to take on the responsibility of becoming a den leader of a den.  But it is an even greater commitment when a person takes of their own time to attend Cub Scout training to provide our boys with a quality den program.  As you wear your den leader's uniform, it not only identifies you as a very important member of the Boy Scouts of America, but it also sets a good example for the boys in your den.  It is a privilege to present the den leaders emblem for your uniform and to congratulate the newest trained leader in our pack.  Thank you for giving your time to our boys.