The Cub Scout Wheel
Posted On: 2021-07-22

PERSONNEL: 1 Cub Scout, 1 Parent, 1 Leader, 1 Pack Committee Member, 1 Person from the community, 1 person from Sponsoring Org., Cubmaster, Narrator.

EQUIPMENT: Wheel with 7 candle holders on it.

ARRANGEMENT: All persons mentioned above stand behind wheel holding an unlit candle. As their part is read they light their candle from the Spirit candle and blow out the candle they were holding.

NARRATOR: The first spoke of this wheel is Tiger Cubs & Cub Scouts: boys 6-10 years old learning and growing together. developing confidence, skills, and respect for others.

The second spoke of this wheel is the Parents: offering encouragement, and assistance to their son as well as the leaders, pack, and other boys.

The third spoke of this wheel is the Leaders: donating time, understanding, and energy to teach Scouting skills.

The fourth spoke of this wheel is the Pack Committee: helping to plan, prepare and support all Pack activities.

The fifth spoke of this wheel is the community: providing meeting places and points of interest for learning.

The sixth spoke of this wheel is the Sponsors: donating supplies and finances in support of the pack.

Just like any wheel, which needs a hub to hold the spokes together, so does our pack. The hub of Pack ____ is the Cubmaster _______. He keeps our Pack rolling.

The long hours ________ puts in, his pride, and never-ending dedication is what has made this assembly of Cubs, Parents, and Leaders a Pack.

Would __________ please come forward. Cub Scouts stand and give your Cubmaster the Scout salute.



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