String Over The Den Leader's Fingers
Posted On: 2021-07-22


EQUIPMENT: Each Cub Scout who will be in the den of the new leader should have a card with his name, birthdate, address and phone number, and parent's names. Attached to this card is a string with a slip knot in the loose end. Also needed is a Cub Scout Leaders' Book.

CM: Tonight we have the pleasure of offering to some parents a position of leadership that will give them some of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Will (Read names of Den Leaders and Assistants)

please come forward and join me? We want to welcome you as the new Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader of Den _____

COMMITTEE CHAIR: I too want to welcome you to a position of leadership in our Pack. I want you to know that we are all here to help you in any way and I am sure all of the parents of the boys in your den will give you any assistance they can and that you need. I would like to present to you the Den Leader's patch and Assistant Den Leader's patch to sew on your uniforms on the left sleeve. And also the Cub Scout Leader's Book which is a very valuable aid.

CM: Now so that you won't forget to remember all that you need to know about your new position we have (Number of boys in the den) strings to tie around your fingers. Will the boys of Den please come forward? (Boys come up and slip their card's string over the Den Leader's fingers. Then lead the leaders back to where their den is sitting.)